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* [ Auto ]

* [ Sleep Mode ]

* [ Away Mode ]

* [ Vacation Mode ]

* [ Night Mode ]

You can manually activate the mode of your choice with the menu [  Change mode ] accessible from the home page.

However, the change of mode can be done automatically by the room-manager.

[ Auto ]

This item activate the automatic mode change. Because of your presence in front of the room-manager at the moment when you activate this command, the room manager will immediately activate the in-room mode..

[ Sleep Mode ]

Activate this mode before you go to sleep in the room.

A background screen [ Enter to Sleep ] is displayed with a countdown before activating the mode. You can modify the time of activation of the sleep mode with the right and left keys. You can cancel the entry into sleep mode with the line [  Return ].

With the expiry of this countdown, the sleep mode is activated. The background screen [ sleep mode ] is displayed, and all applications and devices are then configured for the sleep mode.

[ Away Mode ]

This item allows you to manually activate the “Absent” mode in which the devices should be configured for energy saving during your absence.

You will have to leave the house before the end of the countdown. Then, the room-manager will activate the settings for this mode and will wait for your return.

With the detection of your return, the room-manager returns automatically to the in-room mode.

This mode can be activated automatically after an absence of several minutes (adjustable delay).

[ Vacation Mode ]

Activate this mode before leaving for more than one day to switch all equipments of your house (heatings, lightings and other devices) in vacation mode.

In this mode, it is recommended to regulate the thermostat very low, even turned off completely if there is no risk of freezing.

This mode can be activated automatically after an absence of several hours (adjustable delay).

[ Night Mode ]

Activate this mode to change the room-manager into the night mode, in which you can for example configure certain lamps for night lighting. When a room is unoccupied during the night (adjustable delay), the switch towards night mode will be done automatically.