Programmable timer / scheduler to run devices and applications at a certain time of day, on date constraints and even weekly schedule.

* Create one schedule for each specific need. For example a schedule for winter to start heating application.

* Programmable starting and ending date and time.

* Programmable activation on certain days of the week.

* example to turn on certain lighting every saturdays and sundays from 9pm to 11pm from dec 1, until 1st of january.

AnyTime application is designed to give you all possibilities to program the activation time of a device or application according to your need.

The principle of use is very simple: You create a timer / schedule item from the Anytime setup menu. Then you can link whatever device or application to the time/schedule created and set it to turn on or off during the activation time.

On each timer item, you can specify the starting date and time, the ending date and time, and the day of the week for the activation. The combinations of these three elements gives all the possibilities for scheduling needs:

* Daily operation

By setting the time only you can set a daily schedule to start at the starting time and to end at ending time. If starting time is higher than ending time, then the activation spans overnight, for example, from 11:00pm to 6:00am.

* Date only operation

To set activation from midnight of the starting date until midnight of the ending date.

* Date and Time operation,

With this combination you can set a timer from the starting time on the starting date, until the ending time of the ending date. If starting date is the same as ending date, then starting time must be lower (earlier) than ending time, otherwise the timer will not be activated.

* Day of the week.

With day of the week setting you can set operation for every certain day of the week, for example for every saturday and sunday. You can couple this day of the week setting with Date and Time to create a very specific schedule, for example, for example to turn on a lighting decorations on every saturdays and sundays from 9pm to 11pm from dec 1 2008, until 1st of january 2009.