New Product! Rémo-C Relay Module


Rémo-C : A small module that does it all!

The latest member of Ingénovie's home automation system, Rémo-C is a small programmable relay module to control various electrical appliances.

With this module you can transform a simple electrical appliances into an adressable device under PoliNet powerline network for remote control and automatique management according to your presence.

Create your own room-service,

Two independent relays and two inputs avaiable for your to implement your design. Push-button input, pulse-mode relay, and other parameters are available to adapt it to your application.

With this module, various electrical appliances can be adapted for remote control for example:

- Gas furnace, or other types of centralized electrical heater.

- HVAC, air conditionner, heat-pumps,

- Household appliances (to start at low-rate hours),

- Alarm and security system.

- Architectural and garden lighting,

- Small water pumps or electric-valves,

- or other electrical devices.

Now you can create your own Room-Service home automation system. Send us your schematics your videos and your applications! We have a whole knowledge base to construct and to share with everybody.

The Rémo-C module can be found in a few clics in our online shop.