Relay module for rolling-shutter

Rémo-V is a relay module to control a rolling-shutter motor, or other domestic motorization.

* Closes the shutter during your absences, and at night time, to enforce the security of the house.

* Energy Saving: a window with shutter closed can reduce heat loss up to 60%.

* Equiped with anti-blocking system, to ensure proper closing of the shutter.

* The manual command using wall-switch remains available, and memorized for the next opening.

Product Sheet - Rémo-V RMV101 (english) Product Sheet - Rémo-V RMV101 (english)


Rémo-V is a relay module designed to control a motorized rolling shutter.

For a reinforced security

When no-one is detected in the house, your room manager orders the Rémo-V to close the shutter while waiting for your return.

And as soon as you return back home, the shutter will open automatically to let the daylight in. For further security, you can also configure it such that the shutter opening should only be done manually by pressing keys on the room-manager.

For more energy-savings

And at night fall, or when the room is no-longer occupied, the room-manager can also request the Rémo-V to close the shutter, to save energy further.

Do you know: a double layered window with shutter opened during the night lost more energy in total than a single layer window with shutter closed during the night. (it is equally true for double and triple layered windows with or without shutter closed) -- cf. passive house

For single layered window, a closed shutter can reduce energy loss up to 25%.

For double layered window, a closed shutter can reduce energy loss up to 60%.

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The Rémo-V module must be connected to the motor of the shutter, the wall switch and the power supply.  

Rémo-V contains two independent relays to control the rolling-shutter motor. You can simply connect the command wires of the motor to these two relays. remo-install.png  

Two inputs are available to connect a wall-switch for the manual control. All manual command always has higher priority, executed immediately, and re-transmitted to room-manager to be memorized for the next opening.  

Finally, the power supply connection allows Rémo-V module to power-up the motor and to communicate to the room-manager using the power-line network. 

Follow the installation guide for more detail. 


The calibration is necessary to let Rémo-V knows the height of the window. 

* First of all, the end-stop setting of the shutter-motor must be done properly. Follow the installation notice of the rolling-shutter motor. The two manual command buttons on the Rémo-V module can be used to do the setting. 

* Press the "down" button to lower the shutter down to the lower-end. And then, press the two buttons simultaneously. This will mark the close position of the shutter.

* Raise the shutter with the "up" button until it reach the upper stop. And then press the two buttons at the same time. This marks the "open" position of the shutter.

The Rémo-V module is now calibrated for your window. You can use the wall switch or the two buttons on the module to control manually the shutter.  


The setting of Rémo-V module is done like other modules such as LiSwitch or PoSwitch. You can configure it according to the mode or application of your choice. For example: 

* Closed shutter for Vacation, Away, Night and Sleep modes.

* Open shutter for In-room and At-home modes, to open automatically the shutter as soon as you arrive. 

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Product Sheet - Rémo-V RMV101 (english) Product Sheet - Rémo-V RMV101 (english)

Anti blocking function:

It may happen sometimes, on old rolling-shutter, to be jammed during lowering. To avoid this incident, we have developed the Anti-Blocking function: During shutter lowering, the Rémo-V module will shake the shutter up and down repetitively along the height of the window to avoid blockage.

To activate this Anti-Blocking function, deactivate the "level" function on the device setup menu. As consequence, the level setting during the shutter lowering becomes invalid as a result of this Anti-Blocking function. For raising the shutter, the level setting remains available.