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The Morning call application is an alarm clock with many the additional functionalities to help you starts the day.

Programmable wake up hour and day of the week. For example, no alarm clock on Sunday.

Function “Sunrise Simulator”, to wake you up slowly with the lighting which goes up gradually like the rising of the sun.

“Morning Hour” function to keep the room bright all the morning.

Function Pre-heating to heat certain room before you wake up. You can link for example the heating-towel to this function, so that the bathroom is well heated when you wake up in the morning.

 Morning call ] menu

 Enable ] The right key to enable or disable the alarm clock.

[ Wake time: ]    07:00:00   

To program the time for the alarm clock. Use the right or left keys to setup the position of the cursor updown.png, and the up and down keys to modify the setting.

[ Weekdays ] [left.png checkbox.pngupdown.pngSticked.pngMticked.pngTticked.pngWticked.pngTticked.pngFcheckbox.pngSleft.png ]

To program which days of the week the alarm clock is active. Use the right and left arrow keys to set the position of the cursor, and the up and down keys to activate or disactivate the alarm clock for the selected day.

[ Snooze time ] [  3   minutes ]

When the alarm clock sounds, you can stop the ringing and restart it again after this snooze time by touching one of the four keys. After the snooze time, the alarm sounds again.


You can choose the melody for the alarm clock with this menu; The selected ringing is played until you touch any key.

[ Morning time duration ]

 60  minutes ]

After the alarm clock sets off, the morning call application keeps the lights on during this time. Use the right and left arrow keys to modify the duration of the morning-time. You can associate certain lamps or devices to the morning-time function from the [Setup devices] menu.

[ Sunrise Simulator ]

[minus.png10plus.png minutes before wake time ].

Use the right and left arrow keys to modify the duration of the sunrise simulator. You can associate certain lamps, for example a bedside lamp, with the sunrise simulator function from the [Setup devices] menu. Incandescent lamp (halogenous or traditional bulb) is necessary for this function. During this time before the alarm clock sets off, the lamp will turn on gradually to simulate the sunrise.

[ Start preheating ] [ 15  minutes]

Use the right and left keys to modify the beginning of pre-heating function.

[ Preheating duration ] [  20  minutes ]

Use the right and left keys to modify the duration of pre-heating function.


You can add quick access of the Morning Call menu to the home page. (see chapter “General Information” for more detail on the Short cut menu.)

[Contextual Config]

Like other applications you can associate the morning call application to certain mode, for example, to desactivate the alarm clock during holidays mode.

 Config application ] menu for [  Morning Call ]

In this menu there is only one adjustment:

[Active Mode] or [inactive Mode]

The right key to switch between the modes available: “active” means that the morning call application is active during the mode chosen, and “inactive” means that it is desactivated during this mode.

 Cancel Save  ]

The right key validates the modifications, the left key cancels them.

 Delete ]

The right key erases the contextual configuration between the morning call application and the selected mode.